Our Story


The SHANTHALY ACADEMY is a high level French speaking hairdressing educational institution. This academy trains professionals in the field of hairdressing, morphology, digital marketing and customer service. Our academy focuses on the practical application of theory to real clients. Our graduates are comfortable providing in-depth consultation to their various clients. 


SHANTHALY ACADEMY'S mission is to raise the standard and professionalism in our beauty industry. Our goal is to stimulate the passion and motivation of our students towards the profession by becoming high level hairdressing professionals. Our students will be ready to acquire their clientele, while having mastered the best cutting and coloring techniques. We are determined to teach them not only practical techniques, but also professionalism and the power of relationships so that they obtain a loyal clientele. 


Our passion for our craft and our years of experience as entrepreneurial stylists are definitely our greatest assets


It is important to us that our students know how to stand out from the competition with interpersonal communication skills as well as entrepreneurial methods. Therefore, we want to affiliate our hair salon (Studio Shanthaly) with our ACADEMY by conducting a mentorship program with our experienced stylists. All students must do hours supervised by a professional stylist to see and understand the reality of a hair salon in all its daily aspects. In the world of education, research has shown that learning through play produces better academic results in young people, so we incorporate many hands-on games to teach them hairdressing theory and excellent customer service.


All our efforts are focused on the quality of teaching, understanding and evolution of each student. We meet with each student every 8 weeks to motivate and rekindle the passion of each student and ensure that they set new goals in their journey. It will be important for us to ensure that our graduate students are fully prepared to establish themselves and serve a clientele adequately by exceeding the expectations of our industry.