Dress Code

In order to maintain a professional environment, we ask that students at SHANTHALY ACADEMY wear all black attire. This attire is classic and professional. It shows the unity of our beautiful family and creates a distinction between clients and students. From a practical standpoint, you'll be able to hide the inevitable color stains!

Professional attire according to SHANTHALY ACADEMY:
Clothing worn at the Academy must be all black, but however a touch of color is welcome.
All skirt lengths, dresses and shorts should extend past your fingertips when your arms are extended to your side.
No jeans, ripped pants, or yoga pants will be accepted.

The Department of Health and Safety requires that all students and staff wear closed-toe shoes while working.

Hair must be clean and styled. It is our duty to represent our beauty industry well!

In order for your image to represent you well, your makeup can be soft and natural, or creative and fun. 

All dress codes are subject to management discretion.