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We create superstars, creative, passionate and knowledgeable professionals. Our students have great self-esteem, they are confident in their talents and have all the assets and secrets to lead them to financial success.

The beauty industry is a field in high demandOpportunities abound as employees in professional salons, on television/theatrical sets, on cruise ships, as teachers in hairdressing schools and even as owners of salons and spas.

We have two cohorts starting every September and January.

The duration is 52 weeks from Tuesday to Friday for a total of 1500 hours.

1500 hours 
$9000 (Please note that a monthly payment system is available)

$1621 (plus taxes)
(see under Student Kit section)

$300 (plus tax) Milady Standards Cosmetology 13th Edition and any other documents and references you may need to complete your ministry exam for your future license.



In this chapter, you will learn about professional ethics, standards, laws and regulations to follow in the workplace. All this, with a lot of interaction in order to learn how to work as a team! Lots of fun awaits you!

In this chapter, you'll turn into a lab rat to dig into microbiology, disinfection and sterilization. You'll reach for your safety goggles and go over the basics of electricity as well as different emergency situations and safety procedures. Finally, in the field of hairdressing, personal image, hygiene and well-being are a priority and we will have the chance to do some activities around this topic.

Even if it's not your dream to own your own hair salon, it's important to understand how hairdressing is your own little business wherever you choose to work. In this chapter, we will have fun with different projects where you will learn the basics of understanding finances, organization, selling products & services as well as how to effectively manage your time with each client.

In this chapter, we will demonstrate the importance of keeping up with the ever changing trends, the fun of how to set your goals, studying strategies for a successful career to see your dreams come true and become a superstar in the hair industry!!

We deeply believe that there are no bad haircuts or hair colors but rather the result of a bad consultation! Communication is key in our business. You will then play around with simulations and learning about morphology in order to make the best possible decisions for your clients.

In this chapter we officially open the Shanthaly lab and you will expand your knowledge of the chemical properties of products in order to choose the appropriate products for your clientele. You will learn how to administer an allergy test to avoid allergic reactions. You will also study hair, scalp conditions, disorders and determine the PH of products used in hair products.

It is so rewarding to see the excitement on a client's face following an amazing haircut! It is therefore our priority to educate you on the depth of haircuts for women and men. We will teach you how to interpret pictures and comprehend client expectations, use proper angles and elevations, and many other advanced tricks in order to execute beautiful haircuts like a professional!

In our field we are fortunate to be a part of important moments in the lives of our clientele such as their weddings or even the prom. To do so, it is important to learn the proper techniques of hairstyling using the appropriate products and tools. The art of blow-drying and being able to create and understand the shape of the hair should not be underestimated.  We will pay special attention on how to interpret pictures and comprehend the customer expectations.

In this chapter, you will work on your dexterity by learning roller techniques, tools and steps of the perm as well as its chemical and physical action on the hair.

In this chapter you will learn the opposite action of the perm! So you will see the techniques, tools and steps of the chemical relaxer as well as its chemical and physical action on the hair.

Once again, you'll put on your lab coat and dive into the world of coloring! We will start with the theory of color and go through the chemical principles of color while deepening our application techniques for the creation of highlights, balayage as well as the application of color. All this while revisiting the consultation in order to properly interpret the client's desires.

In this chapter, you will have fun understanding the methods used to create wigs. You will learn about the different styles of extensions and the possibilities they offer. We will also cover the maintenance, coloring and cutting of wigs and extensions.